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I’m not a winner… but it was fun

The winners for the Big Blog Exchange were announced on Tuesday and unfortunately I didn’t make the list this year. Thanks for all your support and encouragement over the past few months. It’s been a fun experience, I learned a lot, and I plan on entering again next year!

If you want to see the winners list and the exchanges, they are listed here on the competition’s blog.

I’d love to keep seeing you around here and on my other blog The Goal List, which will continue with 2-3 posts/week with stories, inspiration, and resources for achieving your goals and reaching your dreams.

Until next week,


Thanks for voting! I’m in the Top 100

(Originally posted on my bucket list blog – The Goal List)

Thanks for voting for me in the Big Blog Exchange. I made it to the finalist round!

Next, the the panel of international judges will pick 14 winners from the top 100 (the 100 are made of the top 25 bloggers from each of the 4 regions). There will also be 2 additional wildcard winners chosen from any of the 633 participants. Winners (all 16 of them) and their exchanges will be announced Sept 16.

Click here to see the top 100 finalists.

Confetti nail art inspired by the BBE

I entered a blogging competition to win a foreign exchange blogging trip. Blogging is a big hobby of mine (I have 4 blogs!) and this would be a great opportunity. When I saw the logo of the Big Blog Exchange, I wanted to do a nail art design with the bold colors they feature in the logo. For this design, I took the colors and the general idea of the pixelated look they use in the logo, and made a version of confetti nail art.

If you want to vote for me to help me get a chance to win the trip, please take 4 minutes to go to my BBE profile, enter your email, use the link in the email to confirm your vote (or it won’t count). Also, let me know in the comments of this post if you vote, so I can thank you!

BBE Confetti Final

What I used:

BBE Confetti Supplies

  • base coat (not shown)
  • white polish (unnamed, no number) by Kiss Colors (part of French Mani kit)
  • scissors
  • colored paper (or confetti)
  • quick dry top coat (not shown)

What I did:

Step 1: Choose your confetti or cut your own using thin strips of colored paper or foil, then cutting them into little squares. I used strips in each color so that I would have about the same proportions of each color in the mixture as they have in the logo.

BBE Confetti Paper Strips

BBE Confetti Paper Confetti

Step 2: Base coat. 2-3 coats of white polish until opaque.

Step 3: When still tacky (or, if you waited too long, just add a layer of top coat) add confetti to the nail until you have the amount you want on each. Top coat and done!

If you haven’t voted, please consider taking 4 min of your time to vote for me in the Big Blog Exchange, to help give me a chance to win a foreign exchange blog trip. Click the button that says Vote for Me (right above About Me), enter your email, and confirm the vote via email (or it won’t count).