Blue Glitter for GOT Polish Challenge: Blue

This design is a stretch for this week’s blue theme, but because I did a blue design last week for the stripes theme, I wanted a different color this week. So I used a purple-gray color and then put blue glitter on top. Both were older than 1 year, and I used at least one blue polish. (Go to the bottom of the post to read more about the challenge.)

Blue design by Shelly Najjar at Ten Tiny Paintings for GOT Polish Challenge

What I used:

Supplies for blue design by Shelly Najjar at Ten Tiny Paintings for GOT Polish Challenge

So simple!

  • base coat (not shown)
  • Cerish by Bonne Bell
  • blue glitter by Bon Bons (unnamed, no number)
  • generic quick dry top coat (not shown)

What I did:

Step 1: After the base coat dries, I put 1 coat of Cerish on the full nail, then a second coat on the middle part of the nail. It’s been a while since I used this color, but I really like it. It shifts from gray to purple depending on the light. I ended up wearing it plain for a few days before adding the blue.

Step 2: Add 1 thin coat of blue glitter (this is blue colored glitter in clear polish). Top coat and done!

If you’re interested in the GOT Polish Challenge…

This is the linkup page (how to sign up) for the Golden Oldie Thursday Challenge – “GOT Polish Challenge” by the Crumpet’s Nail Tarts (

23rd Jan – Stripes  Open 16th to 30th January!

The rules:

* the polish you use should be at least one year old

* if you haven’t been a polishaholic that long, you can use the oldest polishes you have

* the polish should be previously used, but if you’re stuck, you could free a yearling from Mount Untried

* you can use more than 1 polish as long as it fits the theme and the rules


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