Gold with Black Swirls – Nail Art

This is the final design I did to cover up the nail art fail of Fall Dots Attempt 1. I knew I had to try something glittery, because it is the easiest way to cover a bad design, especially one with dark splotches. The glitter covers the design because you can’t see through the metal bits of glitter, and if it doesn’t cover the design completely, it is really hard to see the design between the pieces glitter because they reflect light.

So here’s the (not creatively titled) Gold with Black Swirls design!

Gold with Black Swirls by Shelly Najjar at Ten Tiny Paintings

Note: I did a couple of designs on the way to the final one, so I if you want to see them all, start here. If you want to see the simple steps to doing only the Gold with Black Swirls design, keep reading below.

What I used:

Supplies for Gold with Black Swirls design by Shelly Najjar at Ten Tiny Paintings

  • base coat (not shown)
  • Wet Sand by Maybelline New York
  • Black liquid eyeliner (can also use black Sharpie or black polish applied with striper)
  • generic quick dry top coat

What I did:

Step 1: After a base coat dries (or, if you are using this design to cover up a different one like I did, until the old top coat dries), add two coats of Wet Sand (or any gold polish).

Step 2: Begin by drawing a backwards (almost) “S” shape on the nail with the black eyeliner/striper/Sharpie. Add dots around the curve near the tip and a spiral swirl next to the curve near the base. To make this step easier, take your time, and you can think of all the shapes as connected “C” shapes.

Step 3: Finish with top coat and let dry.

Gold with Black Swirls Nail Art by Shelly Najjar at Ten Tiny Paintings

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