Brushed with Gold – Nail Art

Brushed with Gold by Shelly Najjar

This is a super quick idea (less than 10 minutes) that is great for unsteady hands and nails of any size. You can change the colors if you want to make a variety of looks.

What I used:

Supplies for Brushed with Gold design by Shelly Najjar

  • White glue base coat applied with plastic paint brush
  • Chocolate by e.l.f. (part of Necessary Nails collection)
  • Wet Sand by Maybelline New York
  • Clear quick dry top coat (generic)

What I did:

Step 1: I decided to use the white glue base coat again. After it was dry, I did one coat of the Chocolate by e.l.f. This is where you could use whatever solid color you want.

Step 2: When that dried, using the Wet Sand (gold) by Maybelline NY, I wiped off most of the brush and only applied a thin layer to the center part of the nail, brushing it outward in all directions but not covering the bottom color completely. You could use any metallic color here.

Step 3: Let dry and cover with top coat.


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