How do you decide?

Here’s a question for you (asked by my dad when he found out I have a new blog):

How do you decide what you’re going to put on your nails?

Do you choose the design first, and then buy/make the colors you need, or do you choose the design based on what colors you have available?

Probably like most people, when I do my nails, I do a combination of both. I don’t buy colors for a specific design, but I will sometimes mix colors to get the one I need if I’m already very set on a design. I also buy colors I don’t have even when I have no design in mind, to make it easier later on to pick a design based on colors in my polish collection.

I’ve also improvised at times when I don’t have colors/polishes that work for the design I want. For example, I’ve used both Sharpie pens and white-out in the past.

I also base designs on techniques I want to try or on whatever season or holiday is nearby.

What about you? How do you decide?


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